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99% High Purity Lidocaine Hydrochloride,Lidocaine HCl CAS 73-78-9

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Country: Austria
Region: Tyrol
City: no
Zip: 437000
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Contact us:
Wuhan Monad Medicine Tech Co.,LTD

Appearance:white powder / crystalline powder
DeliveryTime:Within 24 hours after payment
Storage:Dry and ventilated
Payment method:Western union / Moneygram /Bitcoin / TT
Delivery method:Express (fedex、TNT、dhl、EMS) / Airport / Sea or according customer requirement
Free sample:available

If you are looking for a reliable supplier,we were the perfect choice !

Gurantee 100% safe delivery,free of customs clearance !

Q1. can you supply the free sample?
A: Yes. it based on the different product.

Q2:Is there a discount?
A: Yes, for larger quantity, we always support with better price.The more you order,the cheaper.

Q3:How about your delivery time?
It usually takes 7 days. It depends on different Shipping ways.

Q4.Do I need to pay extra for shipping cost?
No, our price includes the shipping cost already; you need not pay for any tax and others.

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